Unforgottable Moments in Pare


It's really late to write this, but it's okay. I never want to forget this unforgettable moment.

It happened last year, when i was studying in Pare.
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I never dreamed of going to a big city that is far from my hometown "alone". Last year I went to Surabaya, exactly Airlangga University Kampus B to have a test. It was Monbukagakusho test (thank you for mba zahy jibang who really helped me to study math *hug* ). 

Eventough 2 days before, i had visitted Airlangga University with my friend (thank you for khusnul for your and your fam kindness, i don't know what if there weren't you*hug*), i still felt nervous to go alone. I was afraid,what if i lost, what if someone kidnap me because i don't have people who i know there, wkwk. But i believe Allah will protect me wherever I am. 
And finally i reached that big city, the Capital City of East Java, Surabaya!!!
on the way to Surabaya
the picture was taken from the Rukun Jaya (bus from Pare to Surabaya)
Since then i really like, even love Surabaya. I don't know exactly the reason. There's something different and it makes me really want to visit there again.
Surabaya is far enough from Pare. It was about 3 hours or more  to Surabaya. But if you want to go to Kampus B Airlangga University you must use 2-3 public transportations from pare. 
Finally i could arrived at Airlangga University!!! Whoaa! 
In this large place, i was walking alone, like JONES (Jomblo HAPPINESS)

I never can't stop to say hamdalah, bcs Allah gave me much help. I met mbak2 who gave me direction to the room that the test will ne hold. 

But guys, If you ask about the test, fyuuh it was very difficut for me. I like count, but not math. And i just got basic Math in vocational hogh school. Well i know, it can't be the reason to not study hard😒

One of the big terminal bus in Sby, i forgot the name


In the evening, I had to wait for the bus for about 1,5 hours by standing and carrying a heavy bag. Before that, i was scary there will not be a bus anymore, bcs it's already late.
 I was on the last bus that day.
Alhamdulillah, I was saved to home in the night.

Those moment really made me much stronger.
My expensive experience

1. Thank you for Allah who let me breathing and gave me the gold opportunity.
2. Thank you for my parents who give the permission, and ridho.
3. Thank you for mba zahy for teaching me Math for free😢, you're so smaaart, patient and a great math teacher subhanallah.
4. Thank you for khusnul and her family who helped me a lot when i was first time in Surabaya😭. I know i was really lucky to meet you and ur parents. Insyaallah i'll visit ur home again😊
5. Thank you for bang munif, who wanted to be disturbed when i was panic about how to go back home and for picking me up in the night😢 i'm sure i disturb ur rest time.
6. Thank you for alvin who told me about khusnul who lives in Sby, Hany for lending me her bag, Mba nina who hug me when i cried bcs i fail (announcement after the exam) and aaaall my friends who can't i mention one by one, thank you my broh and sista for ur supports and do'a😭
7. And the last thank you for all of you who read this writing. I know it's really an absurd story😂 and there are many wrong grammars. I'm still learning to master an English and to be a young writer who'll publish more than 1.000 books in 10 years #SulaimanSpirit AAMIIN (bantu aamiin kan ya teman2).

 - Nanda Fevy


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