A Black Saturday Night


Three weeks ago, my malming was little different and special to me (maklum coy jomblo).

My cousin offered me to go to Purwakarta, West Java to see Air Mancur Sri Baduga.
At first i think it was so common to see a fountain, i do not really like it. And i did not imagine that it will be so tiring to enjoy it.

We went there by train (the ticket was so cheap= Rp 6.000,-) from Tambun Station. By the way, the train was delay about an hour,- but it was okay, because we had got a seat. The train looked like Brantas Train, and i missed my alone trip to Kediri.

We arrived around 3 o'clock and had a lunch (?) Honestly i was so hungry so i decided to eat, eventough it was little expensive for ayam bakar. But thanks to my teteh who paid it for me😢

At last we got a villa for staying a night after visiting and checking several hotels by feet (it was a sudden trip so we had not booked any room yet for staying). It was quite tiring (i wore a slipper which is not short), but i really enjoyed it, because Purwakarta in the evening was so beautiful. The city was so clean as well.

In the night after magrib we went to the fountain by angkot. The driver was soooo kind, we were lucky to meet him.
We arrived at the venue and take some pictures before entering.

By the way, there was not fee entry (gratis), thank youu. To enjoy the free fountain we all have to stand in line. And the line was soooo long. And you know who made me disapointed was many people did not respect people who have stood so long😢😢😢. And i couldn't breath well, because there were so many people.

And now, let's see the pictures😊

You can check the video on YouTube


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